Famiglia Battisti

01 May 2020

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Val di Non (“Val de nòn” in noneso, “Nonstal” in German) is a valley in Trentino, located in the north-western part of the autonomous province of Trento. From an administrative point of view it belongs to the Community of Val di Non, one of the valley communities established in the province in 2010. Only three municipalities in the northernmost part of the valley, Lauregno, Proves and Senale-San Felice (the so-called Deutschnonsberg, the German-speaking Nonstal Valley), which geographically belong to the valley, are administratively part of the autonomous province of Bolzano. The Val di Non and the adjacent Val di Sole are also known as the “Noce valleys”, both of which are crossed by the Noce stream. (source: Wikipedia)