Famiglia Battisti

01 May 2020

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What a spectacle the gorges of the Rio Novella, I would have never imagined such a wild place hidden among the sweet cultivations of the Val di Non! I go in with the kayak and the rock walls are so narrow that I can touch them both with my arms open!

Imagine a light filtering from above...

…to create shadows games on the rock faces, water droplets that become pearls and diamonds, narrow dark passages that open up to oases of sunshine; all where the silence is broken only by the rustle of water moved lightly by your paddle.

Paddling is a beautiful activity, within everyone’s reach, you are immersed in the water but you don’t even need to know how to swim. In a group and always accompanied by a guide you can kayak on the calm waters of Lake Santa Giustina.¬†At the beginning the panorama is wide and open but after a while the rocks start to tighten forming real canyons, accessible only with these narrow canoes.

This activity is safe, maybe a little bit tiring but certainly amazing because it takes you into an unpublished, unexpected and surprising Val di Non!