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01 May 2020

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Portoni, vouti, cianve, somasi… these are all words from the “Noneso” dialect , but do you know what do they mean? They refer to the old cellars, to the porticoes, to the hallways of the villages of Val di Non where often between spring and summer several “Portoni” festivals are held!

In fact, the main event of this series of festivals is just a few steps away from the Stella, the “Cosina nonesa en ti Somasi da Fon“, a multi-day event during which the doors and courtyards of the private houses of Fondo open to the public and become open-air trattorias where you can taste our typical products!

Portoni festivals

These festivals are a tradition here, I always participate with the rural women. In fact the great thing about Portoni is that all the associations in the village contribute to the success of the festival, which involves the whole community. During the festival you will walk through the streets of the village and stop in the cellars or porticoes of traditional private houses to taste the typical dishes cooked by the locals themselves. The festivities of the Portoni here in Val di Non are many, among them there are the gastronomic walk of Revò, the Cosina Nonesa en ti Somasi da Fon and the Portoni di Coredo. In each of them you are given a map of the village with the various Portoni and their menus so that you can choose which one to eat in.

``Cosina nonesa en ti somasi da Fon``

A two-day gastronomic experience inside the old porticoes and hallways of the village of Fondo, the so-called “somasi”, which, thanks to their layout and decorations, become characteristic and picturesque corners in which to taste traditional local dishes.

A satisfying culinary walk that will pleasure your taste, a journey into the past to discover the specialties of Val di Non: Potato pies, polenta, tripe, alpine cheese, strangolapreti, apple fritters are just some of the many dishes you can taste during the event.

In the piazzas and streets of the village there will be workshops, games and activities for children, street artists and musicians.