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21 May 2020

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Tonco de Pontesel

Tonco de pontesel is a typical recipe of the culinary tradition of Trentino Alto Adige. It’s a stew made of mixed pork, beef and veal enriched with lard, bacon and pieces of fresh luganega sausage.

Tonco de pontesel has ancient origins and was born as a poor peasant dish. The word “tonco” means sauce while the “pontesel” is a small bridge under which runs the water that never runs out, a reference to the pot always full of liquid during cooking.


For 4 people:

200g Beef meat
200g Pork meat
00 q.b. flour
40g of smoked bacon
200 ml of white wine
200g of Calf meat
1 Luganica sausage
1 Onion
40g of Lardo fat
1/2l of meat broth


Chop the lard and bacon and fry them over low heat for a few minutes in a saucepan so that they melt, add the chopped onion and brown.
Cut the meat into pieces and pass them in the flour, removing the excess. Put the meat in the saucepan and brown evenly. Add the luganega in pieces and cook a few more minutes.
Pour in the white wine and let it evaporate. Stir in some boiling stock and continue cooking for about 2 hours adding more liquid when necessary.
Put a large spoonful of flour in a non-stick pan and toast it for a few minutes.
Add a few spoonfuls of the meat cooking base, stirring with a whisk to avoid forming lumps. Add the flour sauce in the saucepan and stir well. Cook for another ten minutes, remove from heat and serve immediately.